Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Family Friday {Where We've Been}

I can hardly believe I haven't blogged since the middle of January and now it is March 5th! Already this year is is what we've been up to.

Jack Frost 
For starters it has been downright frigid! We've spent way too many days curled up in front of the fire and snuggling. This poor pup has turned into lil Bear's living cuddle. I've had to teach him to leave Finley alone when he is sleeping so instead Bear just lays down next to him waiting for Finley to wake up.

Snow Ice cream
Back in January we were hit with some decent snowfall so the littles were on snow day 2 & we decided to break up the board game/movie watching marathon with a little snow ice cream. They loved it and asked to make it several times afterwards.

100 Day
Peanut's 100 day celebration at school was rescheduled 3 times due to snow/cold days. Last minute (read: 11 pm the night before) I decided to make him a special shirt for the occasion. Thank you felt & fabric glue. The grey creature is my futile attempt at a whale, the school mascot.

More Flames
We hosted some friends for a dinner party and dined by candle light. It is something we've gotten out of the habit of doing and I was reminded of how much I do love the flicker of a flame. It soothes the dining experience, which is often quite chaotic with 3 tiny diners.

We celebrated St. Valentine and all the trinkets and semi-permanent tattoos one could dream year I am finally going to make good on my promise not to wait until last minute and get something other than Lisa Frank valentine cards (yes, the same Lisa Frank cards I handed out and obsessed over as an 8 year old).

Chi-Town Eats
Despite the nasty weather, we made into the city twice this month. Theo N & Thea L were visiting from Toronto & we opted for Sunday dinner in the city, rather than at YiaYia & Bopi's.  And this past weekend,  Hubby & I made it back downtown to dine with Bestie J & her Beau just squeezing in our new year's resolution to do dinner together monthly.

Over the record breaking cold spell we experienced in early February I decided to participate in a 3 day shake cleanse....never so badly have I look forwarded to a cup of hot vegetable broth. Note to self: this is summer time thing. Nobody wants to drink a smoothie (or four) when it is -5 out.

My kids are always bringing things home from their grandparents' houses, but this takes the cake. This potato came from YiaYia & Bopi and oddly resembles a giraffe or Bullwinkle the mouse. Either way it is creepy, but seriously awesome to a kid.

The past few weeks have been a bit bumpy for the youngest members of the family. Bear fell and hit his eyebrow on our granite island resulting in a trip to the ER and 3 stitches. Thankfully the cut is healing perfectly and I've been applying mederma like a crazy woman.  

The second patient of the month was Finley. The poor puppy became violently ill in the middle of the night and would only sleep if I cradled him in my arms. After much exploration all we can decipher is that he must have gotten into the peel of an avocado from the trash. He lounged on the bed most of the day and was back to himself by the following night thank goodness. 

To Everything There Is a Season
This week we traded in our trusty van of nearly 8 years for a new car. I had always viewed driving it as an "occupational hazard", but when it came time to see it off I shed more than a few tears.
Before Hubby & I headed out to the dealership, I piled all 4 babies into the car for a quick photo shoot.

Warm Hugs 
While we are on the subject of cars. One of the littles spotted this vanity plate while we were out car shopping over the weekend. They were all convinced it was "his" car. 

Packing Our Bags
Spring break is around the corner and we will soon be headed for the warm Florida sun. I've been working slowly on planning outfits and packing. I am loving the hot pink Jack Rogers I picked up for Belle, but couldn't believe how big they were when I placed them next to mine. Planning for her first trip to Disney is still fresh in my mind....wish I could keep them little. 

Birthday Marathon
The B Family Birthday Marathon kicked off last week with lil Bear's 3rd birthday. This photo is one of my favorite outtakes from the day. A full post is to come next week. For now though  I'll wrap up this marathon of a post with a story about M. 

If you've read the blog for any period of time my 3rd born started off as "Bear" due to his fondness for teddy bears. As he grew horses and trains took over that coveted spot and the name no longer fit. 
I began to refer to him as "M or lil M". 

In December I began reading "Little Bear" to him and he was hooked. In fact he requested that I call him "my little bear "& he call me, "mother bear". So just like that the original title "Bear" seemed fitting yet again.

And with that I am putting an end to this rambling, run on post.