Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bestie A's Neutral Baby Shower

Earlier this month Belle & I headed to Michigan to celebrate Bestie A's baby shower. Since baby-to-be's gender is a mystery we went with a theme centered around books, plush animals and the colors cream, gray & yellow. 

Bestie J and I fell in love with these invitations and asked the seller to recreate them with a more grayed out version of a lamb. (We weren't feeling the black sheep on a baby shower invite.)

On the tables I layered the simple floral arrangement, plush animal & board book atop a gray & white striped sheet of scrapbook paper. As an added bonus, the centerpieces are now at home in the baby's library & nursery bookshelf.

In addition, each place setting was adorned with a coordinating menu,  yellow striped straws with gray chevron flag, and yellow polka dotted favor cup filled with almond rocca.

The gift table was the centerpiece of the room. We used tall branches in urns to add height and then softened them with tissue paper pom poms.  The pottery barn kids lamb was a gift to the baby and worked perfectly as a centerpiece.

Guests were asked to write a note to baby in a storybook located on the gift table.

Before the shower began I wanted to make sure I grab some shots of the guest of honor and her family. The remainder of the afternoon was spent lunching and watching A open a host of precious baby goodies.

It is hard to believe in a few short weeks lil Baby P, as we refer to him/her around the B house, will be here. I can not wait to hold you in my arms. And for the record, Thea Amelia says, "Baby Girl"!! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Welcome Autumn!

Today is the first day of fall, the season that I have called my favorite since childhood. 
A claim I based mainly on the fact that my birthday is in October... solid logic for a 6 year old.  I have since grown to love Autumn. The air becomes crisp, flavors more bold, and our schedule a little bit calmer.

Over time I've also come to favor a more natural nod to the season. A simple fur blanket tossed over the wicker basket in the foyer, leopard print pillows in the family room, and hues of yellow, orange, brown & rust peppered around the house in organic forms.


I am looking forward to grabbing a few neutral-toned pumpkins and potted mums to round out this years decorations and letting the glittered pumpkins & faux leave garland sit this year out.

One thing I am not willing to go without though is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. The tin sits out on our kitchen counter adding a pop of auburn color & easy access to the yumminess inside. 

With a cup of tea in hand, I am ready to welcome the changing season. After all Fall means longalls & brown gingham,

comfy sweaters with fluffy accessories,

and football!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Family Festivities {Wedding + Wishes}

Yesterday we had the pleasure and joy of celebrating the marriage of Hubby's charming cousin P to his truly beautiful fiancee O. Hubby stood up in the wedding and we all had such a fabulous time dining, drinking & dancing that I didn't snap too many pictures other than a few of the couple's first dance and the littles at the cocktail hour.

Our angel of a goddaughter made a stunning Jr. bridesmaid even if I am a tad bit biased. 

Sweet Bestie A, who's equally joyful wedding day was last year, looked radiant with her lil baby bump. Guess you know what that means, baby shower planning is in full force over here.

It was hard a wrangle up the entire cousin crew, but we gave it our best shot.

 Likewise with a family is the thought that counts right?

Lil M and his godfather were just too precious for words.

The weekend didn't end with just one celebration. Today we wished YiaYia a very happy birthday over a casual lunch at our place. We all were quite beat from yesterday's festivities and enjoyed the low key pace of an afternoon lazily passed playing uno & hanging out.

Happy Birthday YiaYia, we love you very much!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Babies Got Class {Back to School 2014-2015 School Year}

It is official, the B family is back in class! Last week Belle & Peanut both were ushered off to school with our traditional Back to School Breakfast Bash. They began the very early morning (both were up and ready by 6:30...full of excitement for the day ahead) by filling out the pages of their School Years journal.

This year marks the first time Belle has listed something other than a nail tec as her career of choice. My baby girl's 3rd grade dreams include a degree in architecture  (I guess my subscription to AD paid off). And our sweet Peanut is still aspiring to be a dentist.

To mark their entrance into Kindergarten and 3rd grade, Hubby & I gifted them each with a book...Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Belle's collection & The Day the Crayons Quit for Peanut (a must read!). To make everything come full circle, I set the table with a book theme & scribbled out a quick note on the chalkboard "Time to hit the books".  Hubby prepared a breakfast full of the little's favorites including sausage, bacon & pancakes. 

When their tummies were filled and we could wait no longer, it was time for outdoor pictures & the walk to the bus stop. I know she is my baby, but every year I am more and more blown away by how much this girl makes my heart explode.

And this lovey...his enthusiasm for the day just leaps right though the picture. We call him the sunshine of our family and this picture demonstrates it perfectly. I miss him terribly while he is away, but he is sooooo ready to go.

The whole crew....we are still working on all being ready first thing in the morning.

It was like a scene out of a movie watching these two parade down to the bus stop. Finley has blended into the family seamlessly.

And this is photo sums up how we all felt realizing Peanut & Belle wouldn't be home all day long.

While Belle's first day started off with a trip on the bus, Peanut's first day was only an hour long. At 9am he & I reported to school to meet his teacher (fabulous Mrs.P who was also Belle's teacher) & familiarize himself with the classroom.

Once we were done with Peanut's class, I picked up Lil M and head off to his Parents Day Out preview. (He was insistent upon taking his picture here against the chain link fence and despite his expression, "my kool" is all he can talk

Once everyone was back home, we celebrated the first day of school with a yummy treat courtesy of Finley. While the littles devoured cupcakes, doggie bags of pretzels & apples I read them the story Dog Days of School .

And incase you were curious, this is how Finley passed the day when he wasn't busy party planning. Have I mentioned he is the best dog ever!

So the school year 2014-2015 began on a very sweet note.
Peanut's first piano lesson.....few hours after school ended.