Thursday, April 30, 2015

One Room Challenge {Week 5}

Hard to believe it is already week 5! One more week to go and there are lots of loose ends to tie up in the garage. Thankfully last week was a productive one and we now have the sports center built and all the safe rack storage units hung. 

Last night Hubby and I primed the new built in and I am crossing my fingers it gets painted today. I'm still trying to decide between white or the wall color. 

Costco ran a sale on our floor mats last week so we have them ready and waiting for the install as soon as we wrap up all the painting. 

As for the lighting fixture, the original plan was to swap it out, but now I am rethinking this idea.  There is very little space between the light and garage door motor, plus it is a jumbled mess of wires. Perhaps it is better to leave the fluorescent lighting there and not draw your eye upwards with a different fixture. 

So that is just a quick recap of where we stand. I'll save lots more pics and the nitty gritty for the big reveal. Now I'm off to put a second coat of paint on the mudroom service door. I'm loving my choice of color, but I'm saving pictures for the reveal. Only one more week!!! 

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