Monday, October 7, 2013

Copy Cat Find {Juliska vs. Threshold}

When Hubby & I got married we registered for a set of basic white everyday plates and fine china. Over time we collected a full service of blue & white dishes (blue willow & blue denmark) and slowly phased out our original white set.

For special occasions and Holidays though I love to set the table with our china. Unfortunately the maintenance of using it is becoming more and more inconvenient with three little diners at the table.
So after last year's holidays, I started to hunt for an intermediary set of plates…something with a bit of bling, but easier to use. Enter Juliska…my favorites the Bamboo pattern and Berry & Thread  pattern. 

In fact Hubby, surprised me with a places setting for 5 of the Bamboo pattern last week for my birthday. But at $42 a dinner plate, I am hesitant and certain that our two littlest patrons aren't quite responsible enough to eat off of these. 

Then low and behold, this past weekend Belle & I were passing the time before ballet class at Target when I spotted two 16 piece dinnerware sets marked down to $20.00 a piece!

Despite being square, the plates reminded me of the Juliska berry pattern except I could get a place setting for 8 for the same price as one Juliska dinner plate. I quickly quarantined an eager Target employee to guard my find while Belle & I ran to get a cart.

I still love the Juliska patterns. They offer a wide variety of serving pieces along with a number mix & match opportunities. But for now, as we hone our dining & table clearing skills, I think the Threshold knock off is perfect for our family. In fact, I'm hoping our local Target will have another set seeing as how our celebratory dinners often involve 12 or more guests. 

With the Holidays are around the corner, the aisles are overflowing with clearance items to make way for all the incoming merchandise. So hightail it over to Target asap. I was even able to grab a few Christmas gifts at 50% off.

I can't wait to hear what deals you all score! 


  1. My grandfather inevitably broke something each holiday, so my mom began using a different place setting for him. It took years for him to even notice :).

  2. I spied those plates at Target before and I've been very tempted, they are gorgeous and look much higher end than they are!! Even better that you got them on sale!

  3. Love those plates! You just can't beat Target!

  4. I am obsessed with Threshold! It is a sickness! Ha! I starting "collecting" Spode Woodland plates a few years ago. I have 8 out of 12 so far. They stay put-away bc I would cry if one was dropped! I sort-of regret (hope my mom does not read this) starting the "collection!" Xoxoxo

  5. I am older and my children grown and gone. I use everything, all the time. I started doing this about 15 years ago when my kids were in high school. Don't save it--use it. Put is where you see it and can enjoy it. Angeline

  6. While I love my fine china, Blue Fluted Plain by Royal Copenhagen, I too agree that fine china is not for everyday! Your Threhold fine is perfect for everyday use yet it still has the look of high-end dishes. Great find!!!

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