Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Friday {Easter 2014}

Easter this year was a hopping good time. Nouno P came in from Seattle for the holiday and countless hours of church services. I have to say that this Holy Week the B family attended 5 services including a double header on Good Friday (or as as Peanut insists on calling it "Sad Friday"). I am so very proud of all of us for truly reliving Christ's Passion. 

Onto the big day's festivities. Bright and early Belle & Peanut awoke eager to hunt eggs and see what they scored from the Easter Bunny. They lined up on the stairs for the staggered start: Little M first, followed by Peanut & finally Belle. You know that Bunny is a generous fella and there are always more than enough eggs to go around.

He insisted on opening each egg as he found it and empty the contents into his basket.

After all the baskets were uncovered, we sat down for a light breakfast of eggs and tsouriki (traditional sweet Easter bread). We paired up to crack eggs reciting, "Christos Anesti (Christ has risen)/ Alithos Anesti (Truly He has risen)". The match ended in a final tie between M & Hubby.

Later that morning we were joined by a table full of family to celebrate Easter brunch. I wanted to serve something delicious and easy and the recipes I decided on didn't disappoint. We began with mimosas & bloody marys before moving to the dining room for a brunch of egg casserole, cinnamon french toast, fresh fruit, cheeses,  homemade yogurt with honey and another tsouriki. The littles went off to nap or play afterwards and left us to enjoy each other's company in peace...a rarity.

Later in the afternoon Belle & Peanut completed the 2nd egg hunt of the day compliments of YiaYia & Bopi. The weather was unseasonably warm and we took full advantage of the 80 degree day by spending as much time as possible outdoors.

The third and final event of the day took us to Hubby's sister's house for their annual lamb roast....fear not, I spared you all pictures of the animal on the spit. Before heading out we snapped official Easter pics in the front yard.

 The littles and their cousins enjoyed romping around Thea C and Theo A's backyard hunting for eggs again...pretty sure collecting oodles of candy never gets old!

Before they all disbursed to sort their candy, we managed a few cousin photos...our sensational 7.

What happened when I asked for a shot of the brothers together...ha.

Easter 2014 was a fabulous celebration and we ended the night feeling very blessed for the life, home & family we've been given. Hope your celebration was just as memorable.


  1. What fabulous traditions. Looks like the kiddos had a fantastic day hunting eggs. Beautiful table setting as well.

  2. Christos Anesti! I decorated the Kouvouklion with the ladies at my church. It's one if my favorite traditions of Holy Week, my favorite week of the year :). Looks like you had a wonderful Easter! The kids look so happy!

  3. Love your beautiful pictures and the kids bunny pjs! What a wonderful holiday!


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