Monday, April 28, 2014

Manor Monday {Good News...Bad News}

Seems like ages since I've done a Manor Monday post. In fact, last time I posted I'm pretty certain there was snow on the ground. We are now well into Spring and that means it is time to turn our attention to the outdoor goals on the 2014 Home Goals List. One of which was a larger garden space. After pacing the backyard and deliberating various schemes and layouts, we've opted to clear the bed where the current garden sits and repurpose it entirely as a new garden plot.

As of now my thoughts are raised beds, gravel pathway & small fence for bunny protection. Seeing as how it is nearly May, I need to kick this project into high gear if we are going to get our plants in the ground on Mother's Day (our traditional planting day).

And because mother nature isn't always pretty, look at what has become of our beautiful flowering plum tree. It has contracted a disease known as black knot, which is virtually impossible to cure.

I attempted to cut away the affected branches and within 5 minutes I stopped; nearly 85% of the tree is infested leaving us no choice but to cut it down (insert tears).

For now, the plan is to transplant the flowering bushes from the new garden bed to the spot the tree once occupied. Granted they won't provide shade or privacy, but they are free and buy us some time to decide on an appropriate replacement.

So that is where we stand on the garden front. How about you all? Anyone else reworking a garden bed or two? Anyone ever dealt with black knot? Or if you've got a favorite ornamental tree, I'd love to know that too.

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  1. Definitely excited for Spring gardening - if it ever warms up! We are back in the 40s today, not welcome! Haven't heard of black knot, hope you find a way to get rid of it! The rest of your plans will make for a even more beautiful yard!


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