Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Dose

Every morning I make my way downstairs (with at least one kiddo in tow), turn on the tea pot, begin breakfast and take a look at this:

My Refrigerator

Sure it looks like millions of others across the country but did you spot that rectangle in the corner....that is my daily dose of direction. 

It is a quote from Helen Keller I stumbled upon over a year ago in the Restoration Hardware Holiday catalog of all places. (See it pays off to scour over home decor catalogs and magazines--hehe)
The quote is printed in a white font on a brown background so it is hard to photograph, but it reads:

" I long to accomplish a great and noble task: but my chief duty 
is to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."
Helen Keller

It reminds me that all the repetitive and mundane tasks I complete in the day are only so if I view them in that light. By choosing to view the tasks in my day as meaningful and worthwhile I don't get discouraged as easily and find ways to take pleasure in what I am doing.

How about you, have any quotes you use as your daily dose?

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  1. I like the daily dose. Here are my to favorite quotes about home:

    "A home is a place to do things, not store things. It's not meant to house your possessions but your life."
    by Celia Barbour, writer

    I think your blog speaks to that quote.

    My other favorite is very direct and written by Samuel Johnson an 18th century English editor, moralist, critic etc. His simple words still ring true:

    "There is no success when there is failure in the home."

    History is riddled with famous people with lots of high powered friends, lots of money, and fame who remain broken and wanting for lack of a successful home life.

    Hey, sorry for the long post.


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