Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Truth {Having 3 Littles}


Confession time....I became a mom of 3 over a year and a half and I still feel like I'm treading water on a daily basis. I mean WTH!?! Despite waking at the crack of dawn (something I am not natural inclined to do) I'm still incapable of accomplishing much of anything other than the de javu of daily/weekly chores.

If I had to describe my life right now it would boil down mainly to constant crisis management sprinkled with a healthy dose of short order cook and the occasional hazmat joke folks. 

I got a text from Bestie H this morning sharing a Hilarious blog post. This poor blogger and I must lead double lives because this exactly what life with three kiddies has been for me….the simplest of tasks turning into disastrous messes & one of my poor babies having to take one for the team (insert mommy guilt).  

For now, I'm saying a prayer for the daily strength to keep my cool & remember that to everything there is a season. One day my heart will yearn for the tug at my pant leg, an eager helper always by my side & the call of "Mommy". 


  1. Please don't be too hard on yourself! Being a SAHM is a tough job. And the 3 to 1 ratio is very hard!!! Your house might not be perfect, dirty dishes might get left in the sink, and kiddos will not make it to practice on time once in awhile but your children will only remember that you were always there for a hug. And that's all that matters!!!

  2. Right there with you my friend! It's not a glamorous job and most days I'm frazzled and crazed.....which leads me to a Mommy outburst from time to time foowed by the dreaded Mommy guilt. I don't know anyone who masters it. I have a 9 and 5 year old, who BOTH are off to school now and I've started working again and I can tell you my days are just as hectic and I question myself daily! Of course I wouldn't change it for anything but I do take comfort in the fact that we are not ALONE! Thank you for sharing this wonderful article

    1. Jessica-
      Thank you for sharing your story. I think it is important for the reality of motherhood, not just the pinterest worthy moments, to be shared.


  3. I have never written before. A friend forwarded your blog to show me your fireplace so I read your blog now. I am one of those moms who got to "do it twice". When my children were older and I was just getting my life back, we had a "surprise!" baby. Since I did not want him to be raised alone we had another child so that there were 2 of them. I learned a lot from the first motherhood experience. I spent a lot of time making everything special for the first three. I even cooked their requested meals weekly which only added to my exhaustion. My goal was to make their childhood experience wonderful and celebration-filled. Well, it made me tired and stressed which does not help family life or the marriage bond. I did not realize till the 2nd go round that motherhood has to be fun for me too! I am not saying that it is not fun for you--I am just sharing my experience. With the first 3 I ran ragged trying to meet their every wish or fantasy (including standing outside a Target at 4 am to be the first one in to get the coveted Xmas gift!s). With my first 3, I spent a lot of time in a funk because I expected motherhood to be more fun than it was. It was only when I was pregnant with "surprise baby" that I talked (over months!) with a good friend about my being overwhelmed by sad feelings that she helped see the real reasons. I was always giving and never taking. With the second 2, I ask myself, "What would make me happy too?" I expect a lot more from the 2 than I did from the first 3. I spend more time playing and everyone cleans and folds laundry so I am less stressed. My youngest ones are 5 and 8 now and they have a much calmer and happier Mom than did the first 3. The older ones even comment how I seem less stressed. I did not figure this out on my own I did a lot of journaling and talking to figure out what I needed. The biggest part was some time alone. With the first 3, time alone was from10 p.m. to 2 a.m. which only exhausted me more. With the 4th baby and then 5th, I made sure I had one morning to myself. Pay a mother's day out or take them to a relative or friend's house but be in your house ALL ALONE. Read, bathe, decorate, whatever, but get the little rascals out of the house. I figured out that time by myself IN MY HOUSE not at a store, helped me be a better mom. I wish I knew this with the other 3. I had one or 2 of them gone but having no children for one morning makes a difference. I hope this was helpful.

  4. I am a new reader. I also have three children. Adding my third was tough. She was a great baby. But I was pulled in a million directions. She is now 4 1/2. Anyone with a baby gets a pass in my world. A baby to me is up to age 2. Just hang on. Life does get easier. I know you are doing the best you can everyday. And these are tiring days. If you can manage to smile for 20 minutes a day (non consecutive counts also) then the day is a success!!


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