Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Need Your Help: Foyer Finery

I was cleaning out the china cabinet and stumbled upon these crystals that came from Hubby's grandmother.
So rather than keep these beauties and all their bling-tastic-ness locked up, I set to work adding them to the foyer chandelier. And now I want to hear your thoughts, yeah or nay? Hubby's vote was nay and Bestie B voted yeah. So we have a tie and I'm counting on you all to break it.


Please leave me a comment and let me know if your feeling the bling or if it needs to be boxed up. And of course, thanks in advance for squeezing lil old me and my foyer chandy conundrum into your busy schedule. You're the best!!!


  1. Oooh yes, bling them out!

  2. Bling all the way! I love crystal!!

  3. I vote bling... plus I think it will work well with the rest of your decor!!

  4. I say bling they are your husbands grandmothers they need to be out to enjoy and make you and him smile when you see them.

  5. Also no man likes bling so his vote doesn't count. That come from a woman with a house full of males. Hehehe

    1. LOL- I'll take that to heart Carol. Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks so much for taking a minute to share your thoughts with me! I love reading each of them. Have a great one.