Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Call Off the Dogs

Puppy fever has hit the B house. Belle was bitten by the bug a few years back, but now it has gone to a whole other level. Since the idea isn't completely implausible, Hubby & I opted to embrace the potential  family expansion and place some demands on the kiddies. If they want to get a dog, Belle & Peanut need to demonstrate consistent mastery of 3 skills: listening (& acting if necessary) the first time; meeting their responsibilities (chores, homework, adhere to mission statement); take care of themselves (dress self, follow bathroom routine card).
Every day they will receive a sticker, placed in the corresponding column, for each trait they demonstrated. This will help give them a visual sense of where they excel and what areas could use some work. When the kiddies have BOTH received stickers 26 days out of the month for 3 straight months we can begin to explore the world of dogs. Until then, the ball is in their court.

The littles have responded surprisingly well to the challenge. In fact, the morning after we discussed the chart Peanut came rushing downstairs, wearing a proud grin and dressed in a backwards shirt and shorts to declare, "I'm dressed and brushed so can we go get the doggie?" I couldn't help but give him a big hug while explaining it was going to take quite a few months of getting "dressed & brushed" before any doggie would be coming home.

And just for humor here is a list of dog names compiled by the kiddies:
  • Maxi
  • Brutus-n-Knuckles (yes all one word)
  • Dinky
  • Scoutie
  • Snowflake
  • Summer
  • Mr. Fluffy Pants

And if you thought agreeing on a name would be the tough part. Here is a visual representation of each family member's expectation:

Belle: Cute, cuddly Golden puppy

Peanut: An exact replica of Bestie B's dog, which is improvement because he use to want to steal their pup.

Hubby: A little puppy that grows into a big, protective pooch. This cutie is a German Shepard.

Me: A dog that is small, smart & good with children.

This is one instance where I'm actually grateful for my kiddies' bad habits and propensity to pass the buck. At their current rate we're 6 months to a year away from any four legged family members. And, let's be honest, when Momma's ready for a dog….the family is ready for a dog & this Momma isn't there yet.


  1. Three kiddos and a puppy!?! You are very brave my friend!!! :)

  2. Great way to get them ready for dog responsibility! I had a German Shepard growing up and I always felt safe. Whatever you end up with, your kids will have great times with their four-legged friend. Good luck!

    1. Hubby & I both had dogs growing up and remember fondly their companionship…looking forward to my little ones having the same experience.


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