Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Toile de ikea

Last week the kiddies & I ventured to Ikea. While we perusing the aisles, I stumbled upon these lovelies for the family room couch.

And the best part of all, they were a ridiculous steal at only $5.00 a piece. I couldn't even sew my own for that price. Layered on the couch they give just the right touch of blue. I also found plain white covers at $3.00 a piece to use for my fretwork application.

At this price point, I could replace the covers every month if need be and still come out ahead! And with three little ones in the house, I sometimes feel like that is a realistic scenario.

Anyone else had luck with an unlikely Ikea find? For such a modern store, I would never expect to find toile pillow there.


  1. What a great Ikea find! Are the pillows washable? That might help them last a little longer with three kids;)

  2. Great finds! LOVE me some Ikea and surprised to see toile there. Gotta love the $5 price!

  3. (just saw your response on Jennifer's The Pink Pagoda)
    Yes - I happen to love trolling thru Ikea! I was there a couple weeks ago for a client found great little finds for her - but, I spent more time looking for me! They have a nice eclectic selection of fabrics for everyone. Who doesn't love a deal! :)


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