Thursday, July 25, 2013

PicMonkey Tools & Family Photos

The family room makeover is coming along. I sat down last night to pour though thousands of photos and whittle down a few to display in the new space. I'm sure it comes as no shock that I turned to picmonkey to take my average photos to the next level.

Here is a quick preview of the various overlays and editing tools I used.
Polaroid Film Filter

Eye Brightener.. Airbrush for stray hairs (ok and the fine lines around my eyes), Black & White overlay

Time Machine Filter

 Color Boost Filter with Black & White on top

Color Boost effect on Bowtie

Eye Brightener, Faded Black & White Overlay 

Eye Brightener

 Eye Brightener & Intrepid Overlay

Now I just need to narrow these down to my favorites. I usually order prints at Costco, but I think I'm going to use Mpix this time around. Any other suggestions for professional grade photo printing?


  1. Your photos are beautiful! I used PicMonkey to edit pics for my blog and to add overlays. I have been very happy with how easy they make it!

  2. Ok I mean it...when I get back from the Cape I will really have to sit down and look into PieMonkey! And on an important side note, you have a lovely family!!!


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