Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 4th Weekend {Fireworks, Farm, & Fishing}

July 4th

We started off the 4th with an early morning wake up call from the kiddies ready to head out to the lake. After an exhausting morning packing, loading, corralling, and prepping we were finally out the door and on the road.

Three hours later we were lakeside, drinks in hand & carefree (well as carefree as parents of three littles can be.) The lake is Nirvana for the kiddos…they are absolute angels when we are here and never ever want to leave.

Checking out boats with his Agent P binoculars.

Unfortunately we were without a boat so we passed the day playing games, watching traffic on the lake, and eating and drinking just a tad too much.

We all got a kick out of this fun loving boat of Patriots decked out as Captain America, The Statue of Liberty & Uncle Sam….the littles are already planning our boat's get up for next year.

That evening we were privileged enough to have prime seats for the lake fireworks as they are shot off from a barge directly in front of our cottage. Bear was fast asleep before the first kaboom, while Peanut & Belle braved the noise and watched the whole 40 minute show outside. As the fireworks blasts faded away so did the end of a wonderful fourth on the lake.

July 5th

Today we took a day trip to go raspberry picking at a family farm. It was a home run…the older two were enthralled in the picking process while Bear was easily entertained in the train barn. Most importantly, the raspberries were out of this world delicious. We have already planned a return trip in the fall to pick apples.

In addition to berry patches and orchards, the farm had two giant play yards, the sweetest little playhouses, horse swings made out of repurposed tires, an old john deere kiddie tractor and an entire barn full of geotrax. Bear is currently obsessed with horses so we passed quite a bit of time playing with the toy barn.

When we returned from the farm, we were happy to find the marina mechanics had repaired the boat and we were clear for tubing. I spent the next hour and a half tubing with Peanut & Belle while Bear napped. We rounded out the day playing "King of the Mountain" with our lake neighbors. Chalk this up as another great day at the lake.

July 6th

One of the greatest treats at the lake is YiaYia & Bopi taking the littles each morning so Hubby & I can sleep in. On this morning they headed down to the pier for some fishing. Though they were small, the fish proved to be a formidable opponent and a good time was had by all. We spent the rest of the day tubing, waterskiing & swimming before packing and heading home.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had a chance to relax & reflect on the greatness of our nation and the liberties we enjoy.

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  1. Looks like a great trip to the lake! And I am happy that your Hubby did not get hurt this time;)


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