Thursday, November 14, 2013

Giving to Others {Advent Printables}

I know it is still 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, but over the years I've learned an organized Christmas season is a festive one and an unorganized one is simply stressful!!  This year I want to alter our Advent house tradition. Rather than using the calendar as a vehicle in which my already overindulged littles receive additional goodies, this year I want the children to partake in an act of service to others.
By planning the activities ahead of time, I can be sure to have the supplies needed on hand and ensure that the appropriate card is placed in each box.

Now coming up with 25 service oriented activities for a 7,4, & nearly 2 year old was quite the challenge so there are a few "fluff" cards like visiting Santa and Hide & Seek Surprises (new Christmas books & movies the kiddies can hunt for around the house). Mainly though, the daily activity is one in which the littles are called upon to do something for, or give to, someone other than themselves. I tried to balance the activities' time requirements to allow for days when extracurricular activities are heavy and others where a good portion of the day will be occupied. And here is what I came up with:

Please feel free to use the printouts for your own family. I added a few extra hide & seek print cards to cover the items that are specific to our family like visiting Hubby's grandparents & baking bread for church. To access the file simply right click, save the jpg to your computer & then print clicking "fit to page".

I hope that 25 days of service to others will help to keep the true spirit of Christmas at the forefront of this Holiday season. To be honest, anything is a dramatic improvement over last year's candy laden boxes.


  1. These are adorable! Such a great idea! I'm so impressed you're going to make Prosforo! I've always been to chicken :). Think you might do a post on it when you do? Wink, wink.

    1. Melissa-

      We use The Gifted Pan & it is so simple & practically fool proof. I'll happily do a post though too:)


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