Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 House Goals: The Year of Focus

This year's goals are a little different than 2013Being a home with the littles has finely honed my multitasking ability, but it has come at the expense of my ability to focus. 

Focus on completing the one task I am engaged in. Focus on the conversation currently occurring (did I really just say ok to a lollipop as I'm cooking dinner!?!). Focus on the big picture and not be distracted by the details. So this year, focus is the top priority.

The number one culprit for my lack of focus is disorganization. These 3 major projects will help find a place for everything and keep everything in its place. 

1. Organize basement storage space & repurpose game room to media room. 

Déjà vu right? 365 days ago I was working in the basement only I neglected to tackle the "unfinished" section. Work is already underway organizing, cleaning & repurposing this space. Fingers crossed we get it right this time. 

2. Garage organization

The storage we have in place doesn't function for our family's needs. It is going to take quite a but if brainstorming to figure out exactly how to fit all our needs into this space. 

3. Organize all closets

Our linen closet is a disaster along with nearly every closet in the house. Time to clear & clean. 

Then there are a few projects that are simply to-dos.

Back patio & pond

The pavers are sinking, the pond leaks and turns into mosquito haven in the summer. Hubby & I are kicking around the idea of a 1/2 basketball court back there since our driveway is on a hill. 

Cover to the exposed posts on our deck. 

Fix and expand sprinkler system

A few heads are broken and we need to add one to the center of our front yard.

Plant a larger garden

Last year's container gardening eased us into the realm of veggie gardens. We are ready to go all I. This year. 

Update electrical in family room.

The family room breaker can't support all the power being drawn from it. 

Finally there are fun decorating projects! This year you'll see a lot of mood boards & inspiration posts as I focus on exactly what our family wants/needs out of these spaces:
Living Room
Master bedroom

So there you have it. Now I'm off to focus on making breakfast for the whole crew as everyone has the day off from work/school thanks to the freezing temps!! YAY!


  1. Such a great idea to write out your goals and projects since things have the tendency to fall by the wasteside as time moves on! I have a long list too but haven't written them! I love the line in here about saying yes to a lolly while cooking dinner - too funny! Your focus will pay off and I can't wait to see the finished projects!

  2. Being able to focus...what a novel thought!?! Focus can be near impossible with three little ones. But if anyone can do it this year, it is you friend!!!


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