Monday, January 5, 2015

Time for Action {2015 Home Goals}

Happy New Year all! 2015 is shaping up to be quite a busy and exciting year for our family. As of now we have seven vacations on the books; some of them family trips and others fun getaways for Hubby & me. In addition we've carved out time for each of us to enjoy "date nights" weekly with one of the older two kiddos along with the vow to go out together twice a week (lunch date plus a Saturday night outing).

On the hone front, 2015 is game on. Over the past 2 years we've made quite a few improvements to the house and its overall function. This year it is time to finally tackle some of the main design decisions that have been hanging over our heads. I've finally learned to trust my gut when it comes to what I like in design, so there is no longer the need for continual redesign....we are all warmed up and ready to go.

A brief rundown of our 2015 house goals include:

  • Completing several remaining 2014 goals. We got a good start on the basement, but still don't have a clear enough vision of how we want the space to function. As for the garage and closets they still need a good organizing.
  • Master suite zushing: the bedroom is going to get a complete overhaul along with some cosmetic updates for the bath & a few additions to the master closet. We've hemmed and hawed over this space for nearly 5 years. It is time for action.
  • Drapery dilemas solved: I've gone back and forth countless times over window treatments in the living room and is time to make a decision and stick to it.
  • Purchase dining room chairs. In February it will be one year ago that I scored my dream dining table for $250 on craigslist...time to find that beauty some lovely chairs to accompany her.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of projects ahead! Can't wait to see the progress!


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