Monday, January 12, 2015

Manor Monday {Recycling Christmas}

Last week the Christmas decorations were sorted though and packed away. 
I decided to take a few of the natural elements and repurpose them around the house. 

The dried hydrangea from the Living Room tree have found a new home arranged in a pair of silver bowls and perched atop the Dining Toom buffet. These bowls originally sat on the head table at our wedding reception and I love having them out on display. 

The two Trader Joes boxwood wreathes dried nicely. I relocated the one over the kitchen sink to our sparcely decorated master bedroom and left the second one still hanging in the foyer. 

Despite their "preserved" state, I like having pops a greenery in the house during the frigid winter month. And it is always nice to breath life into old objects. 

Happy Monday! 


  1. I too love keeping a bit of green in the house during the winter months.

  2. Love green and simplicity after the glamour of the holidays! Yours looks great :)


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