Friday, March 7, 2014

Family Friday {Pinstripes Party}

This past Saturday we celebrated the Boys 5th & 2nd birthdays with a party at the bowling alley. The restaurant provided lunch for all 17 littles along with all the bowling they could enjoy for 2 hours. 

To dress up the space, we went with a blue and red theme compliments of the birthday boys' favorite colors. I created bowling cupcake toppers on picmonkey and placed them on store bought cupcakes iced in red and blue. A few balloon bouquets and monogrammed napkins in blue & white complete the space. 

For favors, I made bowling ball treats out of Little Debbie snack cakes, paper straws and white icing. They were displayed front and center on the dessert table during the party. As guests prepared to leave, I carried the tray to each guest and let him/her remove the treat of their choice.

Peanut requested a special birthday shirt and thanks to the magic of "stitch witch" these were a snap to make. I simply googled an image of a bowling pin, traced it onto white felt, added red ribbon for the stripes & cut the whole appliqué out. The bowling ball was the outline of a wine glass on black felt with 3 gray circles added for finger holes. I am happy to report that these have held up beautifully in the wash/dryer and if it is in the drawer, Peanut wants to wear it….best $3.50 I've ever spent on a shirt.

Once the guests arrived, it was off to the lanes. The party was comprised of preschool, Greek school and family friends. The first two groups received an invitation solely for Peanut's birthday while the family's invites included the baby's name as well.

Between frames Peanut was a wonderful host making the rounds to all his friends and cheering them on as they bowled. We were lucky to be situated in the corner of a private room, so our party of little ones didn't have too far to roam nor the concern of strangers passing by.

Before cupcakes, we had everyone line up in front of the lanes for a group shot that I will include with Peanut's thank you notes. After the littles got their fill of sugar, they bowled a few last frames before packing it up and heading for home.

After unloading the car, we tackled the mountain of presents that included Legos, super heroes and the coolest set of Superman jammies. I'm quite certain he would live in them if I let him, rotating between his new bowling shirt and the caped pjs. 

 Less than 24 hours until he's officially 5!!!


  1. What a darling party!! Grand idea for a party favor!!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love their shirts and the blue and white theme, looks like a great time!

  3. Looks like the boys and their guests had a wonderful time! A very happy birthday to both of them!!!


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