Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Want It Wednesday {Kitchen Chairs}

Let's talk dining chairs. Our current kitchen chairs have to go. The littles have a difficult time maneuvering them and blame the hard seats for the ants in their pants during dinnertime. Decorating paralysis has stopped me from making a decision for well over a year. After repeated reminders to return to their seats, I've finally hit my breaking point and I'm ready to make a switch.  Here's a run down of the chairs that have caught my eye.

Love this one but not sure if I could handle the blue on a daily basis.

Similar to the one above, but toned down.

Classic French ladderback…just can't go wrong with this. Plus it could transition easily into formal dining.

Cafe chair which would work great for the littles now, but don't think it is substantial enough for the future. Plus I can't imagine sitting in this for any length of time.

I have always loved Chinese Chippendale chairs, just don't think they are a livable solution for everyday dining.


Oh I wish I could just bring each of these home & place them around the kitchen table for a test run. But I'm pretty sure there isn't a retailer out there who would give a family with a 2, 5, & 8 year old dining chairs to "try out". Can you say spaghetti! 

Anyone else dealing with decorating paralysis? If it was you, which chair would you select?


  1. Would you believe husband FOUND me two chippendale chairs by the side of the road and re finished them for me!!??

  2. I love the classic ladderback, simply because of its versitlity. And, because as a Mom, I know how the littles get soggy, sticky and like to wipe their little hands. I adore the first and second ones though! I always seem to sacrifice what I want in an effort to be practical. I guess most Mons do - unless you can afford to replace them in case of a marinara disaster ;)

  3. My favorite is the classic French Ladderback! Timeless and looks sturdy enough to last a long time!

  4. I definitely vote for the French ladderback or Cafe chair. It goes best with your current style and table. Too much padding and the littles might take too much time finishing their dinner... ;)

  5. I deal with decorating paralysis on a daily basis! I love them all but the French ladderback one is probably the most practical but I would probably use tie on cushions on those rush seats with kids!

  6. Having three children make it had to have a "finished" home for any number of reasons. Hang in there! Your children will not be talking about the chairs when they are older, they will be talking about all of the fun they had at family dinners.

    And if you are taking a vote - #3. ;)

  7. I love them all. Esp the blue :-) I used to use two of those exact ladder back chairs and Sister still has them. They are awful for trapping food in the seats. And one time John spilled his entire cup of milk down in the seat and all I could do was flood it with water to try to clean it. Just an FYI :-)


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