Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Recap {Circus & Celebrating}

As November draws to a close, I can't help but think that the month just began. To kick things off I chaperoned Peanut's class trip to the arboretum. He requested that we share the "jumper seat" in the very back of the bus & this easily car sick momma didn't have the heart to say no. 

Later that same week the littles came home on a Friday afternoon to learn that we were headed to the circus. It was our first time taking them and to say they loved it would be quite an understatement. Bestie B & H's families joined us and we all enjoyed the evening out.

The unseasonably cool temps found us spending quite a few hours in the basement playroom. Finley was introduced to the magic of the bounce house.

And much more to his liking.....SNOW!

November also brought the celebration of our sweet M's Name Day. This year his feast fell on a Sunday so after Liturgy we took the littles and Grandparents out for lunch.

Hubby & I had the chance to leave the littles at home and enjoy some adult conversation at his colleague's wedding. It has been ages since we've attended a wedding sans kiddos!

The week of Thanksgiving the boys brought home countless turkey projects (3rd graders are too busy learning to produce cute keepsakes**tears**).

And finally, we are still awaiting the arrival of Baby P. This picture was snapped a few weeks ago at Mastro's when we were lucky enough to steal a night out pre-baby. All signs point to a December birthday for this little bundle.

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  1. What a fun November! You guys certainly make the most of every month! We had some cold weather here too and although he does love the snow, I do not love the mess it involves, definitely something I need to get used to!


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