Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Part One {Thanksgiving Prep}

 Growing up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was more important than Thanksgiving. It was during those hours of cooking, baking, prepping & primping that we bonded and celebrated the joys of family. Now that the littles are a bit older, they are ready to join in the family tradition. 

Early afternoon we gathered at YiaYia and Bopi's with Christmas apron's in hand ready to get to work. 

We took a few breaks for necessities like photo ops and dancing. 

By dinner time we had turned out an array of pies, cupcakes, cookies & raspberry shortbread bars. Thankfully reinforcements & pizza arrived around the same time. After a much needed break, food prep continued through out the night.



  1. What a wonderful and fun family tradition! I love that now since my girls are older they can help out with Thanksgiving prep to it makes it feel more special and I know I'm carrying on such a important tradition!

  2. What wonderful memories you are making!!!


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