Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Garden Photo Session

This past Sunday afternoon I attended an intro to child photography session with a local, award winning photographer. I came home with a new found respect for my camera and a little bit ashamed that I didn't learn how to use it 7 years earlier. Armed with a new set of tips & tricks, I loaded the little ones up on Tuesday and headed to Cantigny. The weather was perfect for a picnic and mini photo session to snap a few shots of my baby for his rapidly approaching 18th month. 

I'll probably try a few more sessions once the older two are back in school, but I these are my favorites from Tuesday:

The one thing that resonated with me during the class, was when Amy said that we (parents) have the opportunity to document our children's childhoods and there by create their memories. So while we soaked up the lovely grounds and gardens, I tried my best to document not only the days events, but the interactions & personalities of these little ones. 

Bear pretty much adores his big brother.

I love this photo for two reasons: 1. Bear is always into something or another so this exact pose is how I see him most of the day. 2. I had just disciplined him for digging & throwing the gravel, immediately he went right back at it. The kid doesn't listen.

This morning the two of them dressed themselves….Peanut in the same green polo he wants to wear everyday of the summer & Belle in her Beanie Boo tee. I hope I never forget how much they love these  pieces of clothing & attempt to assert their individuality by wearing them.

I always want to remember the happy chaos that is our life now, despite the stress it causes me pretty much every moment of everyday. For your frame of reference, I was attempting a group picture & asked that they all look at me…..what can I say, boys.

 Love that Belle isn't scared of winged bugs (spiders are another story). On a side note, learned this cool technique in the class where Belle is blurred in the background while the moth is in focus.

I put the camera away and the four of us enjoyed lounging in the grass picnicking. The boys played ball & ran while Belle & I chit chatted. We all agreed it was one of our favorite events of the summer.

I made sure to document the energy these boys have right now. Belle expresses joy with a smile & hug,  my boys do so with bursts of energy.


My sweet Peanut wanted his picture taken here, in front of the railing looking out over the formal gardens & reflecting pool. Next time around I wouldn't blur the background as much. And for Belle, as we walked the grounds I informed her we will be taking her wedding portraits here….no point in arguing. She just smiled her lovely, toothless smile at me.

After our picnic and pictures on the east wing balcony, we headed for the rose garden. The fragrance greeted you before you even stepped foot into the garden.

Since the zoo, Bear is all about "dinos". We had to make several trips to this succulent topiary.

Before heading home, we make a quick pit stop at the tanks.

Peanut is still enamored by trains & signals. To his delight we were stopped by one on our way home. And speaking of home, the day wore him out that he curled right up on the step for a nap until his baby bro found him.

So that is how I attempted to both practice my very raw photography skills and capture the magical memories we shared. Feeling so very blessed.



  1. Lovely photos. Just wondering where your daughter got her Beanie Boo Tshirt? My daughter would love one.

    1. She received it as a gift a few years back but I believe it was from Justice.


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