Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Second Grade Send Off

Around here just about anything is cause for celebration, especially the first day of school. So last night while Hubby packed Belle's lunch, I set the table for a celebratory send off. Best part, the grin on Belle's face when she saw the decorations, followed promptly by the question, "Why is Read so large? Is it really that important?" Sadly, a reader she is not.

I know that many of you still are on summer vacation so I'll quickly go over how I pulled this tablescape together incase you're looking for some quick last minute inspiration. 

The decor was rounded up from around the house…crayons, markers, books, toy bus & recycled Starbuck's frappe glasses. I cut a strand of four buntings from a pennant I picked up at the dollar store & hung it over the cabinets.  The remainder I then laid across the table as a runner. The framed print was a pinterest find.  

For place settings, I layered red & white scrapbook paper from our Dr. Suess party onto blue placemats and topped them off with a white stoneware. I never like to serve the kiddies hot food on melamine plates ever since I saw a study about how quickly chemicals/BPAs leach into hot food placed on them.

Now back to Belle. She was too nervous to eat much this morning. Hubby, Peanut & I sat around the table with her chit-chatting until it was finally time to head out for the bus. 

As soon as the wheels on the bus pulled away, we loaded up in the car and headed to catch the annual flag raising ceremony in front of the school. 

And with that summer drew to a close and the 2013-2014 school year has begun!


  1. I LOVE all that you have done here! Thank you for this inspiration, I'm definetely doing something similar! I think it's wonderful to start their first days with enthusiasm and excitement! Who doesn't love a good party?! Bella looks beautiful, of course! I have to tell you, we have the same Garnet Hill backpack, Riley loves it and Sydney, who starts kindergarten next week got this years version! And are those Hanna Andersson shorts? If so, we have those same ones too :) I need to visit your blog more, Sumner has been so busy! But I'll make s point to do it!!!! :)

  2. Your table setting is adorable and now you have me thinking about what I will do for my kids. We don't go back until after Labor Day so I have a little time. Your daughter is adorable!

  3. Oh and one more thing - we have that necklace too - if it's a JCREW elephant one. Seriously girl!


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