Thursday, August 29, 2013

Half Birthdays…Add them to the List

Remember this post I wrote a few short days ago about the joys of celebrating our children. I think I need to remind myself of exactly what I signed up for. It appears that Peanut has declared half birthdays a celebration in this house…rightfully deserving of all the pomp & circumstance.

Seeing big bro overjoyed at the prospect of throwing his lil bro a party made it impossible to say "no"? The simple request is concrete evidence of the loving bond these brothers share. It melts my heart and makes me on board for just about anything.

Peanut decided upon a rice crispy creation to mark the day. He attempted a rainbow cake inspired by an episode of "Wow Wow Wubbzy" (anyone else have to suffer though that show!?!)

I knew that Bear wouldn't be into the rice crispy treat so I simply grabbed a vanilla bean cupcake during our Target run. With the addition of a toy stegosaurus, the 1/2 birthday boy's treat was complete.

After dinner we sang and enjoyed our meteors ("rainbow rice crispy cupcakes"). Bear is shirtless in anticipation of the cupcake massacre.

Now Belle & Peanut are counting down the days until their half birthdays…..thankfully no present are involved. Anyone else celebrate half birthdays with your little ones? Or perhaps you did as a child?


  1. I love that you have all these celebrations to make your children feel more special. I think you are one AMAZING Mom! Oh and be on the lookout for my shout out to Monograms and Mud on my blog soon - our back to school Beanie Boo celebration was a hit thanks to you!

  2. We do! Mine get to choose a treat, something near & a place to eat on both their actual & half birthdays... We love a good chance to celebrate! :)


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