Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tall Ships

Last week the kiddies & I headed downtown with YiaYia & Bopi to watch the Tall Ships parade into Navy Pier. Peanut had been awaiting this event all summer long and was certainly mesmerized by the chance to see these ships up close.

When the skies opened, we took shelter inside and the little ones tried their hand at racing their own sailing boats. Eventually the weather cleared and we had a chance to see the ships up close.

Once we finished up the ships, we headed up to the atrium. The kids had a blast watching the jumping water fountain.

Then it was outside to ride the ferris wheel with YiaYia (I am way too scared of heights for this one).

While the older two waiting in line, Bear kept himself occupied chasing birds.

We returned to our hotel room for a quick fretting up before meeting Bestie J, Bestie T & her Fiance for dinner.

It is the last weekend of summer vacation around here….School starts next week!

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  1. Such a great "End of Summer" trip! It looks like everyone had a great time:)


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