Monday, August 12, 2013

Zoo Day

With the last few days of summer vacation ticking away, we've been ticking through our summer bucket list. A few weeks ago, YiaYia, the kiddies and I headed to the zoo. It was Bear's first official trip (we went last summer but her was too small to be aware of much other than nursing & sleeping).

Hands down his favorite was the "Roo-Roo" and "Ebra". Peanut & Belle enjoyed being his guide teaching Bear all about each of the animal exhibits. 

Belle got a kick out of the life-size displays and the chance to size up against the wild animals.

After our picnic lunch and a rousing viewing of the polar bear at play we headed for the Dinosaur exhibit despite reservations and fears of monstrous roars. It was simply stunning!

Unlike Disney where there is only one volume: insanely loud, the zoo's exhibit was easy on the ears and interactive to boot. Belle & Peanut enjoyed excavating dino bones and controlling the giant robots.

Bear's favorite was the T-Rex. He couldn't get enough of the roaring & gnashing of jaws. DYK: the T-rex did not roam at the same time as the Triceratops and Stegosaurus even though the are frequently pictured together. Perhaps that is common knowledge but a Paleontologist I am not.

Afterwards, Ya treated us to "Zebra" swirl ice-cream cones before meeting up with YiaYia Terry, Papou Yianni, Thea C, and cousins E, Y,G & Y.

We wrapped the day up with 2 trips on the carousel. We didn't make it to the dolphin show so we are hoping to squeeze in another trip this week before school starts. 


  1. Great pics! Your family is darling!

  2. How fun! And I just love your sweet girl's style:)

  3. OMG - that first picture is hilarious! Looks like you had a great time!


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