Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bestie A's Bridal Shower

With all the commotion of the summer, I have yet to post the photos from the shower YiaYia & I co-hosted (along with Bestie J & her Mom). Bestie A is Bestie J's sister and a life long friend so it was with the utmost joy that we spent the day toasting the couple-to-be. We sipped mimosas, took in views of Lake Michigan & ate far too many pastries. It was Belle's first bridal shower and she found it to be lengthy, but fun once the gift unwrapping began.

Love these two girls with all my heart. I can not be more excited or elated for the big day! And fingers crossed Bestie A & R, ditch the city & move out to our neck of the woods when it is time for their first little one.

Wedding is only one month away. Let the countdown begin.


  1. Beautiful ladies! You have perfect taste in everything you do!

    1. You're a doll! To be fair though, Bestie J did pretty much everything.

  2. What a beautiful shower - I love the accents on the napkins and all the details! Lovely pictures as well! Can't wait to see the wedding pictures!


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