Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Growing Pains

Yesterday marked a day I have been dreading since Belle gleefully announced she had a loose tooth…the change of my baby's smile.  Those petite pearls, perfectly aligned, have greeted me every morning for the past 6.5 years.

Belle learned early on how flashing me a smile quickly melted my heart (along with my defenses). Let just say that many a time out were avoided by way of smiling. My baby is growing up; I am excited for all the memories we have yet to make, but my heart aches for the ones that have passed.

As I hugged Belle yesterday tears rolled down my face, and in turn she shed few of her own. At that moment I began to laugh thinking of the sappy pair we will soon make watching "chick-flicks" together. Maybe, just maybe I can handle this growing up stuff. And I am so very thankful that I grabbed one last shot of those baby teeth over the weekend.


  1. Awwww, it's tough and bittersweet watching them grow. I remember the date my baby lost her first and dreaded it as well. The first of many "oh ohs - she's really growing up." WHat a beautiful girl - with or without teeth :)

    1. So hard to watch, yet so exciting. Thanks for the kind words Jessica:)


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