Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Friday {M's 2nd Birthday}

Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our Little M. Already at age 2, M was full of anticipation for the big day and all the special to him treats that were planned. At breakfast, it was pancakes with his very much loved m&ms, whipped cream & berries. 

He fell immediately in love with his new dino "pig-a-bang" and let out several approving "roar, roar, roars".

The next stop was a trip to All Aboard Diner for a birthday lunch via choo choo and a healthy dose of train table time.
When the restaurant broke out in song for M's birthday it was almost too much for the little man to take. Thankfully the site of the the vanilla cupcake on the train car was enough to hold off the tears. 

After naps and Belle's return from school, it was time for presents. This year Peanut & Belle both bought & wrapped gifts for their baby brother. 

 A toy key car from Peanut and a "zee-bra" from Belle.

From Mommy & Daddy a new ceramic cup & plate, the complete anthology of Winnie the Pooh, a dino bank and dino stamp set.

Upon opening the mug, he commented "for smoothies" as M is the only one who shares my love of green smoothies for breakfast.

I then attempted a quick photo session and remembered why a good child photographer is worth her weight in gold.

Finally, dinner time rolled around and the much anticipated "dino potty" began. The dining room was decked out for the festivities and we had the opportunity to use the new dining table sitting all 14 of us together to eat the birthday boy's requested dinner of pizza and salad. 


When it was time for cake, I added a triceratops to the Busy Bee cake M selected earlier in the day.
To round out the dessert table were the birthday boy's favorites: m&ms, ice cream and cookies.

We wrapped up the night watching M's 2nd year slideshow, opening gifts and enjoying family time. 
A whole hearted thank you to all our family who came to celebrate our baby boy…it meant the world to us. We love you!

Happy Birthday sweet, strong-willed and vibrant M. We are blessed beyond measure to have you in our family!


  1. Beautiful pics! We have that banner too!! Glad it was a grand time!

  2. What a fun and festive day! Looks like the perfect way to spent it! Love your colors and details as always!!!!


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