Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Want It Wednesday {Got It Edition: New Shutters & Dining Table}

Things have been hectic around here and it is about to get a whole lot crazier as we are less than 24 hours away from the B family birthday extravaganza: all 3 littles' birthdays all within 3 weeks for a grand total of 5 separate celebrations! So please excuse me if my presence is intermittent until mid-March.

We have been making some major progress around these parts. I am thrilled to say that the craigslist Duncan Phyfe dining table I blogged about was a complete home run. As soon as Hubby returned from a business trip, I carted him & the boys off to check out if the deal was too good to be true. And low and behold it was a legit 98" long Duncan Phyfe with a full set of table pads!

We happily handed over $250 and carted this beauty back home.  The photos just don't do the space justice and at this point in my life I have neither the time nor talent to improve them so you all just have to trust me…the table is bananas!(To those of us who are into these things…to everyone else it is just a grandma table that I am thrilled about.)

The second piece of big news is that the office & living room windows now have shutters further solidifying my granny style of decorating. I was adamant about having colonial shutters on these windows despite countless designers telling me otherwise.

In fact, I couldn't even find a local shutter company to make them for me. Plantation shutters, not a problem. But, 1 inch louvered colonial shutters were no where to be found. Until, one last google search turned up these bad boys at Lowes.

I will save you all the run down of what a royal pain these turned out to be. But my heart was set on these, so come hell or high water I was bound to make them work. (Insert gigantic hugs to Bestie H for her Eureka moment when it came to aligning the shutters & to Bestie B for keeping all the positive texts  coming my way during the install).

I am truly **in love** with the look. I will eventually have curtains made to mirror whatever treatment I put in the dining room, but for now there is no rush. It is nice to enjoy every little step and relish my DIY/ Thrifting victories.

I'll be back Friday with a recap of my baby boy's 2nd birthday! I can not believe I just typed those words.


  1. Score on the table! It is a beauty. I love shutters. We have them too.

  2. The table is gorgeous. And the shutters look perfect on your windows! Great finds!

  3. The table is gorgeous. And the shutters look perfect on your windows! Great finds!

  4. Beautiful updates! I love that table and your shutters! What a score! Happy 2nd bday to your little guy! Can't wait to read the recap :)

  5. I love your table and the shutters are perfect! Why in the world were you discouraged from getting them? They look gorgeous!
    Time flies with children ( well, sometimes lol). My baby girl will be 24 in a few short weeks. Eek!

  6. Gorgeous! Looks like you stumbled on a goldmine on that table. You know personally, I don’t find your design aesthetic to be like that of a grandma at all. I think it's really classy, especially with those shutters, which I feel really fit the character of your home. 

    Greg Arnett

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