Monday, February 3, 2014

Manor Monday {Organized Closets & Kitchen Pantry}

Happy Monday everyone. Did you enjoy your weekend? We had the chance to enjoy some family time in the snow and wrapped it all up with a low key Super Bowl party at our house.

On the home front, things have been pretty quite, but I have had the chance to start organizing some of our closets. It is amazing how having an organized & uncluttered closet makes doing laundry so much more enjoyable tolerable.

I now display my necklaces and scarves on divided pant hangers.

And when it came to workout wear, I decided to hang my tops rather than storing them in a dresser drawer. Why not feel like I'm shopping at Lululemon when I'm getting ready for a run!?!

In each of the little's closets, I went though and weeded out the outgrown/stained/torn/tired pieces of clothing & refilled the closet according to color & function.

Finally, I have to confess my undying love for Target. I found these cute take out containers in the dollar spot & used them to organize our fold out kitchen pantry.

They hold our snack staples making it easy for my to see at a glance exactly what we are running low on (ie: no longer reaching into a pack box only to realize it is empty).

Having these areas organized makes such a difference in our day to day life. How about you, made any tweaks around the house lately? Any organizing projects?


  1. I feel like my house is a never ending organizational project. Your house gives me hope and inspiration. I adore those target baskets… Although I was just there the other day and didn't see them. I'm starting to think you guys get better things at your target, we have our Valentine's Day themed ones at this point. Anyway, I also love your jewelry display … What a fantastic idea!


  2. Love your idea of using takeout containers!
    I am in the process of a major closet clean out/ organization of the Master. It's all painted and the new light fixture installed- now to put everything back in. Well, maybe not everything. Lol. My bedroom looks like a disaster area! I am working on projects for necklace display, etc. I'm hoping to get some pictures up later this week on my blog:
    Come by and check it out if you have time!

  3. Looks good! I bet that does make getting things together easier. Good job!

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  5. Love the idea of putting my necklaces on a trouser hanger! Brilliant!!! Thanks.


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