Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family Friday {Around the House, Open House, & Instagram}

It is February 1st & I am officially OVER winter. Bring on the Spring! 


We spent most of the week being cooped up due to frigid temps. This poor babe wanted to go outside so badly he refused to take off his hat & "at-min oots" (batman boots) after dropping off Peanut at preschool. 

We've completed every puzzle.

Painted & crafted more than 2 boys care to.

And played countless rounds of hide & seek to pass the hours.

When temps finally reached the 20s, we headed outside to take a good look around.

Towards the week's end, we even ventured out for music class with Cousin Y and a much needed library trip to visit Bear's favorite duck puppet.

I'm pretty sure that puppet is older than I am & hasn't been washed since, but for whatever reason he is smitten.


Thursday night was Open House at Belle's school and the boys love getting to look around her room. 
Belle's dream house: yellow, round like an egg & in Colorado!?!

The main difference this year was Belle's pressing social schedule. Apparently showing us around was impeding upon planned activities with her little besties A & C.... so it begins! Belle did sing a solo in the music room, which I have tried numerous times to load with no luck. I am very proud of her, that takes some guts baby girl!!


I finally bit the bullet the other day & joined instagram. You can follow me at monogramsnmud.
Not sure how active I'll be, but it seems like an easy way to catalog our family's coming & goings 
of which I'm very much a fan. 

Final thought, 26 days and this little one will be TWO! I can not believe it...someone please tell me how to slow this train down!

Enjoy the weekend...and if you need any football inspiration for Sunday's big game check out Peanut's football themed birthday party from last year. 

His party favors were a snap to whip up and would make a great addition to your pigskin party! 

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  1. Even though the weather has been freezing it certainly looks like you've made the most of your adorable family. I love the pictures especially the one of Bella holding her self-portrait and of course the boys. Have a fantastic day and as always thanks for sharing your life it looks very sweet!


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