Friday, May 23, 2014

Family Friday {Baseball Buddy}

Last week the rain held off and Peanut was able to play his very first game of baseball. His excitement was contagious and despite the cold temps, he has an absolute blast out on the field.

Hubby is assistant coach for Peanut's team and having Dad by his side meant the world to our little man. Even though Peanut didn't quite understand the strategy behind the game, he hustled and wasn't afraid to get in on the action.

Who knows if baseball will be Peanut's passion, but it sure if great fun to watch your child develop and master new talents. I'm just waiting for the weather to cooperate and make these games a little more tolerable.


  1. How sweet! We are in the midst of baseball season up here too. So good for boys to learn to be part of a team.

  2. Oh my word, he is just precious! Love the stage when they are first learning to play.

  3. Darling!! Looks like he had a great time!!


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