Friday, May 9, 2014

Family Friday {Firsts}

This past month both boys have had noteworthy firsts. The baby came down with a sudden and vicious case of croup that landed us in the ER from midnight-3am this past weekend. This was his first trip (and hopefully last) to the emergency room and he has asked to go back daily since then. Thankfully the steroid and breathing treatment helped open his airway and even upped his energy level. In no time flat he was bouncing on the bed and tossing his triceratops mask around. The cough is still lingering along with some cold symptoms, but he seems to be 80% better.

Thankfully Peanut's news is much happier. On Holy Saturday Peanut served as an alter boy during Liturgy for the first time. He absolutely LOVED it. A few times we observed him twirling the candle (battery operated) and even using it as a back scratcher, but all in all he did a fine job. Peanut has requested serving in the alter every Sunday since then.

The natives are getting restless so I better get breakfast started. Happy Friday!


  1. Glad the little one is feeling better. My girls used to get it quite often when they were young (they had reactive airway asthma)...not fun!! And what an accomplishment for Peanut! So sweet.

  2. oh no! I hope the little one is feeling better. Way to go Peanut!!

  3. Poor baby!!!! And precious Peanut. He's a doll in that bow tie!

  4. What a scary weekend! So hard to see your baby go through a hospital stay and yes, hopefully the last! Peanut looks adorable! Congrats to him :)

  5. Trips to the ER are no fun at all! Happy to hear your youngest is feeling better and how cute is your altar boy!!!


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