Monday, May 19, 2014

Manor Monday {Living Room Switch Up}

Out of all the rooms in the house, the living room has been the biggest conundrum. I adore the large floor to ceiling windows and natural sunlight that fills this room sun up to sun down. But other than that, the rest of the room is a practice in learning to "love what you've got".  

That said, I did some furniture rearrangement a while back and I've taken to the new look. First I relocated YiaYia's childhood secretary from between the front windows, to the wall that use to house our piano (which I moved to the family room last fall). Flanking the secretary are our old dining room host and hostess chairs. In the far corner I set up a tiny bar cart/ vignette. 

Across the room the couch remained in the same spot,but I added a brown shade to the brass lamp on the end table to help carry the color across the room.

Finally, I hung the DIY art from the family room on the formerly blank wall behind the tufted reading chair. Using accessories from around the house or in storage I complied a small vignette on the duncan phyfe table to balance out the bar cart across the room.  

The room is far from finished, but the changes feel like a step in the right direction as I decide exactly how I want to transform this space. How about you all, any suggestions for taking what you've got and turning it into something you love? I'll be back Wednesday with my mood board for the room and along with a plea for some design assistance.


  1. Love the changes. The secretary is a gorgeous piece.

  2. The room looks beautiful! Those windows and floors are gorgeous and I love the rug!

  3. I love your updates! This room is beautiful and the floors are amazing! Well done!


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