Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Want It Wednesday {Lily of the Valley}

Since it is the week before Mother's Day & I seem to have flowers on the brain, I figured why not continue this week's posts with one of my absolute favorite flowers of all: Lily of the Valley. These tiny little bells have a heavenly aroma and are graceful while completely unassuming.
I have loved them for ages, in fact I wanted to carry them solely as my wedding bouquet nearly a decade before Kate Middleton, but the florist couldn't guarantee that the bouquet wouldn't wilt or that the flowers would even arrive open (all the way from Ireland mind you). 

So as Hubby & I approach nearly a dozen years of wedded bliss, I think it is time to add some Lily of the Valley to our lives and lucky we have just the right spot.  Right now it is bare mulch under a maple tree, but in a year or so I am hoping it looks like this:

Now it is important to point out that Lilly of the Valley is poisonous so if you have children (or pets) who regularly ingest your landscaping, you might want to seek out other options to get your fix. One of which is Crabtree & Evelyn's Lily home spray

I think I used this spray religiously the first few years Hubby & I were married...I was completely obsessed. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to locate some Lily of the Valley pips.

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  1. My very favorite flower and scent! June is around the corner and our backyard will smell great :)


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