Friday, May 2, 2014

Family Friday {Happenings: The P Edition}

With school winding down and Spring finally making its arrival, we have had quite a bit of hustle and bustle around these parts.

Play Ball

Peanut is officially old enough to start baseball and he hit the ground running. First game is May 13th and I'm crossing my fingers that the 40s and 50s are long gone by then.

Party Time

After Spring Break we had the whole family over to celebrate Hubby's new promotion. The baby couldn't figure out why there weren't candles on the "cake" and kept wanting to sing "Happy Burday".

Potty Talk
Speaking of M, he runs hot and cold with potty training. Some days he refuses a diaper and the next he refuses the potty. Truth be told, it is easier for me to have him in a diaper especially this summer as we have added swim team, tennis & golf to the schedule. I'm just following his lead for the time being.

Pretty, Pretty Princess

On Holy Saturday I took a few shots of Belle in her Easter dress YiaYia & Bopi bought her. I'm not sure how many more years I've got left of puffy dresses and big bows, but I am secretly thrilled that she still loves to wear them...she "oohhed and ahhhhed"while unwrapping them.


On Earth Day I bundled up the Boys and we headed outside to plant seeds. Gardening is something both of them really enjoy (boys + dirt = true love) and they are enthralled watching the seedlings grow in our dining room window.

We also marked the day by climbing trees and making pipe cleaner & cherrios bird feeders. I turned my back for a moment and M emptied the entire contents of a Costco sized box onto the table...lesson learned.

Prize Patrol

This past Sunday Belle & I attended an American Girl doll tea. We were shocked and pleasantly surprised that Belle won the last raffle prize, Honey the pup. I'm trying to convince her that Honey is the perfect dog for our family. So far I've yet to succeed. 


The golf season officially began in the B house this week and Bestie H's text is a perfect way to mark the bromance brewing between our Hubbies as they take to the course together.

And with that we are ready to start an early weekend with a half day of school and two playdates. The rest of the weekend is filled with a girl's night out for moi, double header ballet rehearsal for Belle, baseball for Peanut, golf for Hubby, & M is just along for the ride. I think I need a weekend to relax from the weekend.


  1. Busy Busy. I so miss those days however. Such sweet photos of the kiddos, and great memories being made. Congrats to your hubby on the promotion.

  2. I just love your "P" list. Too cute! Hope y'all have a "p"erfect weekend!!!

  3. Lots of fun happenings! The picture of the cherrio incident is a classic !


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