Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Want It Wednesday {Espalier Vines}

I've been logging in quite a few hours outdoors between our new garden & spring cleaning.  I  tend to pass the time by letting my mind dream up new designs for the space I'm working on. Sort of a bad habit, as it only leads to more work needing to be done and the vicious cycling continuing. Nonetheless, I've been stewing over landscaping ideas for the awhile now and here's what I'm loving, espalier vines.

I've always been drawn to the classic design of vines trained in geometric patterns along walls, fences, and houses. So it comes as no surprise that I am plotting a way to add some espalier to my life. From the research I've done, these designs are often high maintenance and require quite a bit of attention. At this point in my life my TLC slots have no vacancies so I'll just have to fill this inspiration away for another day.

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The former owner of our house was very much into the Prairie style: tall grasses & natural wildflowers. Slowly, we are working on changing that and someday I'll have my espalier vines. How about you? What's your garden style? Tailored & crisp? Maybe you're whimsical and cottage? 


  1. I have never heard of these vines but I LOVE the inspiration photos. So cool!

  2. These are lovely. Too bad I know I'm not patient or diligent enough....definitely more the cottage style here ;).

  3. I love the way these luck, they remind me of something you would see in the English countryside or perhaps Italy.


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