Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Portrait & Patriots

After the fireplace makeover this is the quick solution I threw together. I knew that the painting' scale was off but it worked as a placeholder.

While YiaYia and I worked on the pillows, we brainstormed different options for fireplace art. I was initial dead set against using family pictures up there. Probably because that was the what we did in our last ho e and I was looking for away to switch it up. But as we talked the more we came full circle back to one of two options:

  1. A set of three square frames (same as the ones over our couch) hung in a vertical line each containing a photo of one of the kiddies. 
  2. A large family photo

Afraid that the 3 photos might be too busy, I opted for one large black and white of our family. The photo is from our beach trip back in April. I had it printed poster size (20x30) at Costco for $8.99 and hung it in an Ikea frame.

I have to say, YiaYia was right. And though I usually prefer family portraits in color; the black & white print adds a softness to the room.

So there you have it…fireplace is officially finished. And for the true before and after, check out what we started with:

And on a serious note, I can not help but think of those whose families were forever changed by the cowardly acts 12 years ago. As I look at my family's portrait over the fireplace, I anticipate it changing as the years pass; yet there are so many whose walls are full of portraits that are frozen in time. A reminder of a loved one no longer here. To them all I send my prayers, love and a note that in our home we haven't forgotten & we fly our flag proudly in honor of them all.

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  1. Amazing redo! And I love that black and white shot of your adorable family!


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