Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shark Attack: Peanut's Pre-K Celebration Lunch

Peanut has a strange love affair with Sharks. He is smitten, but only from a distance. So while browsing the Pottery Barn Kids' clearance I was thrilled to find a shark beach tote which could function as a new library bag for Peanut (now that he is reading!!!) along with two shark pillowcases to help aid in a good night's rest. Nothing like lots of sleep and reading to start the school year off right.

So while Peanut partied it up in Pre-K, I went to work creating his "Attack Pre-K" themed lunch table. 


Using leftover cupcakes from YiaYia Terry & Papou Yiannis' Labor Day cookout I created shark fin cupcakes. A tiny cucumber from our garden was transformed into jaws. And our whale sandwich cutter made for a great bull shark PB&Js.

Peanut got such a kick out of the lunch and is thrilled to finally be getting his own library card. As for the shark pillowcases, they were deemed "too scary" and banished to the linen closet….win some, lose some:)


  1. Wow! Your kids are so lucky to have a mom that cares so much. I hope they appreciate this when they are older. LOVED THE CUCUMBER SHARK!
    Did you think that up yourself? Nice to see a photo of you included.
    Paige M.

  2. Those cupcakes? Adorable! Watermelon shark? Genius! Pottery Barn clearance? Can you be my Mom too?! So amazing and NEED to write a kids party ideas book! You have so many original ideas!

  3. Oh what a darling party! Love all the cute details!

  4. Happy Birthday to your set boy! You will have to take him to Cape Cod some time so he can see all the shark warning signs on the beaches;)


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