Monday, September 9, 2013

YiaYia's 60th

This past Saturday we celebrated YiaYia's 60th birthday. We enjoyed cake & champagne with the kiddies (well they didn't partake in the latter) before heading for a leisurely evening of drinks, dinner & desserts.

As for the party's "theme" we stuck to the classics: number 60, roses, champagne & chocolate cake served on crystal, china & silver. I really can't think of anything to improve upon. 60 red roses were a beautiful gift from Bopi to his lovely bride of 38 years. 

We all gathered around the dining room table to sing "Happy Birthday" before opening gifts.

As a continuation of the 60 theme, YiaYia was gifted 6 envelopes each containing a list of 10 reasons we love YiaYia….the tears were flowing before the first envelope was even opened.

After gifts, we headed outside to take a few family pictures. I snapped this quick shot of my folks…they couldn't be cuter. And by way of God's grace, we were able to get a family photo with everyone looking at the camera. And with that, we were off to wine & dine the night away. A special thanks to YiaYia Terry & Papou Yianni who helped make the evening's dinner enjoyable by watching the littles.

A very happy 60th birthday to my beautiful Mother.  I love you and am incredibly blessed to be your daughter. Can't wait to celebrate the next 60 years!!!


  1. Such a beautiful party! It's full of elegance and special touches, just beautiful!!!


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