Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall in the Front

Despite the warmer temps forecasted for the week, it is officially fall and I'm wasting no time welcoming my favorite season.

On the front door I've hung our fall wreath; the first to hang since the door had its update earlier in the year. A pair of urns from the deck shed their summer floral and now sport DIY pumpkin topiaries. While a double swag of fall foliage & beaded gourd garland tops it all off. 

The pumpkins in the topiaries I've had since Hubby & I got married. I would display them individually along the mantel in our old home. After 5 minutes with a glue gun, I reinvented them into something more fitting to my current needs. I opted not to fill the bottom of the urn with greenery/leaves in favor of a more tailored and clean appearance. (FYI: I ran a wooden stake out of the bottom pumpkin & into the urn to avoid losing them on a blustery fall day.)

I couldn't let the front entrance have all the fun. The addition of two more faux pumpkins (these will be swapped out with real ones once we visit the pumpkin patch) and a large wooden pumpkin cut out dress up the seating area next to the driveway. I've got a few pillow ideas for the chair, I just need to find the time to sew.

And it just won't be an accurate depiction of our home in the fall without the mighty Bear's flag rippling in the wind. Isn't it so kind of Hubby to be a fan of a team whose colors coordinate so swimmingly with the autumnal hues!?!

The front yard won't stay this way for long, the littles are chomping at the bit to hang the halloween ghosts we made together last year. They"ll have to wait a bit longer though, no halloween decorations until after October 1st.  Even then, it is pushing my fill of ghoulish decorating.


  1. It looks great! You've officially inspired me to attempt the pumpkin topiary. I made one in the past stacking real pumpkins but I may attempt one like this I can use year after year.

    1. I'm hoping they don't crack in the cold (they are foam with a painted exterior), but I figured it was worth the attempt. Let me know how yours turn out.


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