Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toothpaste Woes {Kids' Bath Update}

My kids' bath Pinterest board is full of inspiring photos of colored vanities. So naturally, I was certain that I would love the end results…..well not so much! So over the weekend I dove right into the leftover quart of Comfort Gray from the front door makeover & anticipated loving the playful minty-aqua tone.

To be quite honest, it looks like one of my boys covered the cabinets in toothpaste. I am hoping the color grows on me as I hate the idea of having to paint yet again. Perhaps different knobs will help update the color along in a new rug, freshly laundered towels, and a counter full of apothecary jars.

Sadly, the wallpaper must stay as the room is vaulted and the painters' quotes were completely unjustified to remove it…..someday. For now though it is prison stripes & toothpaste! Not exactly the look I was going for.


  1. I actually don't hate it! Maybe with mercury glass knobs?

  2. haha! you are funny. I think it's fine!

  3. I don't hate it either! I agree with changing knobs! Xo

  4. Removing wallpaper can be very expensive. Have you thought of applying wallpaper on wallpaper? There are a lot of nice & modern wallpaper choices now and you could easily apply it over the old one. I like the seagrass wallpaper that comes in different colors. google it. It looks beautiful. These are just suggestions!


    1. I would love to wallpaper over it but there are two issues:
      1. We would need scaffolding due to the vaulted ceilings/ high walls.
      2. There is so much moisture in a bathroom that the wallpaper peels easily.

      Thanks so much for helping to think up new ways to get rid of it though:)

  5. The 3 of you have convinced me so I'm on the hunt for new knobs.

  6. For what it's worth, before we remodeled our house, we had painted over wall paper in 3 rooms...including a bath room. It survived 8 years with no problems whatsoever. We completely gutted our house a couple of years ago, so I can't vouch past 8 years. EVERYONE will tell you not to do it, including all of the painters you bring in to look at it. We were adding wainscoating to our dining room and our carpender actually suggested painting over it. He did it himself. He did what's called "floating the seams" which involves mudding over the seams and then sanding them down so they are flat. This is so you can't see the seam, and it acts has extra adhesive for the wall paper so it can't peel off. It was actually really simple and didn't cost much more than just re-painting a room with no paper. We had this done in our master bath, kitchen and dining room. Just wanted to pass that info along...sorry it still doesn't solve for your high ceilings!


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