Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Santa Brunch 2014

Sunday morning the littles opened their Advent house and learned that today we were going to visit Santa. We did our best to down play the brunch's main event as M is still not at all a fan of the big elf. Belle and Peanut on the other hand came with letters in tow.  

The first thing we did was visit the man in red. At this point M was shaking and crying so badly that the hope of getting him to sit in Santa's lap was quickly abandoned. He actually bit my shoulder in attempts to get away, and I was quite impressed with his survival skills.  So rather than a shot of the 3 kiddos we ended up with a family picture. YiaYia and Bopi treated us again this year to the brunch and thankfully arrived just in time to join in our commemorative shot.

Once we had gotten our visit out of the way, I coerced the family into taking a few more photos just incase the earlier shots taken at home didn't turn out to my liking. I present a plethora of Santa Brunch 2014 posed pics:

Balloon twisters were once again present this year. We were a little disappointed that they weren't in costume like last year's, but their versions of Sven & Olaf made up for it.

We tasted our way through a large assortment of brunch goodies all the while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Christmas season. The boys later returned from the balloon twister with swords in hand, which were used to attack entertain our party,

After we were full and the hall had cleared out we decided to enjoy the unseasonably temperate weather and visit the outdoor decorations. By now the cookies and cocoa had our three reindeer dashing and dancing all over the place. In fact their giddiness lasted the whole car ride home.

Back at home, Hubby & I watch these 3 goof around for the better part of an hour. Belle & Peanut had created some sort of imaginary game while M and I took turns shaping pictures of one another. Me with my camera and him with the toy camera selected from the dentist's goodie basket over the summer. It couldn't have been a better way to end one of our favorite Christmas traditions.

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  1. Such a wonderful tradition and beautiful photos! I love your littlest expressions, adorable!


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