Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas with Theo N {2014}

The Monday before Christmas Theo N was in town and we had our gift exchange. Looking to do something together as a family, we headed off to the zoo to catch their Holiday Zoo Lights exhibit. Unfortunately, none of us thoughts to check the zoo's hours and we showed up 15 minutes before close. So in the pouring rain we quickly took in as many of the displays as and learn.

Once back home we grabbed a quick dinner, cookie party leftovers, and then sat down to open gifts and enjoy hot chocolate fireside.

The littles were just a hair excited to finally be opening gifts.

Hockey lessons coming up!! While uploading the rest of our photos I noticed these two pics that I know I did not take....signs of a fun evening had by all! I'll be back soon with more Christmas recaps!

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  1. Yay for special visits and hockey lessons! I love how even an informal cookie dinner can look fancy at your house! Love all the pics!


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