Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Activities {Week 2}

As the big day gets closer and closer our schedule gets fuller and fuller. This past week was a doozy, but worth it looking back at all the memories, milestones & merriment. 

Last week I left off with a Gingerbread House cliffhanger. As promised, the littles got to try their hand yet again at confectionary construction. We were seated with Belle's bestie A and the girls had a blast together. 

The boys started off interested, but were quickly lured away by the sounds of horseplay in the halls. So a majority of my evening was spent corralling two sugar-high least I didn't have to cook dinner and clean up after the sugary mess they had made.

 The littles each received their annual keepsake ornament this week. A toy soldier for Belle to represent her Nutcracker role. A puppy for Peanut to mark Finley's addition to our family. And little M's was Noah's Ark reflective of his obsession with animals. Sadly it arrived busted so we are awaiting a replacement.

On the same night, Belle had her 3rd grade choral concert. Belle sang in a group duet that she managed to turn one-sided.

 Peanut snapped our picture and Belle requested Finely be in the photo.

Speaking of our dear pup, he got his first haircut this week. It was time that we had all that extra length taken off.

And while we are talking about "taking it off", this is how M prefers to read his Christmas stories...this child never ceases to amaze me in the most unlikely way.

Back to the post at hand. Friday was Grinch night and the littles enjoyed these healthy snacks when they got off the bus. (Credit for the idea goes to someone or another on instagram or pintrest...I honestly don't remember).

Saturday morning we were all slow moving, but eventually made it out the door and on our way to the most amazing Lego exhibit. Every year landscapes/cityscapes/movie scenes are recreated with Legos and it is quite a site to behold for young and old alike. The shots I grabbed are from my iphone while holding a crabby almost 3 year old, so not the best quality but certainly representative of the magnitude of these creations.

Harry Potter

Super Mario Brothers

This was a vanity built out of Legos...we attempted to take a family selfie in the "ipad mirror".

Chicago skyline


After we finished at the Lego display Belle and I had to prep for that evening's Nutcracker performance. I was backstage and had the chance to snap a few photos of Belle. Afterwards, I surprised her with one of our favorite Christmas time treats: Chick-fil-A peppermint milkshake... heavenly! Separate post to come on the actual performance along with some awesome photos compliments of the paparazzi princess, Bestie H.

This came across my instagram feed and I thought I would share. As crazy, and at times stressful, this past week has been it certainly has been filled with happiness and life being lived to its fullest.  This Christmas season I wish each and everyone of you a well lived life! 


  1. Very cool pictures of the lego exhibit.

  2. What a neat exhibit! I can't wait to hear about the Nutcracker!

  3. What an amazing time you've had! It's been full of festivities and fun I'm sure! Just looking at your pictures makes me a little exhausted ;-) keep on enjoying it my friend, we are in the homestretch now! Love that quote and your little nutcracker is adorable along with the other kids! I love your littlests Christmas book reading attire ;) so cute!!!!


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