Thursday, May 9, 2013

Front Door Reveal & Tips

I know I promised the front door reveal, but yesterday was just one of those days. Peanut was sick with a 102 fever. I had to chaperone Belle's class trip to the zoo. And to top things off by the end of the night my allergies were so bad that my right eye was nearly swollen shut! So I am sorry for the late post, but now that I'm back from the doctors with allergy meds in hand, I'm ready to go.

I painted the door SW Urban Bronze and the door casing SW Comfort Gray. Just for a refresher, this is what the door looked like before.

As for the process, I started off with two coats of primer after I had taken a rotary sander to the door and stripped the old flaking varnish.

After the primer dried (1 hr) I applied one thin coat of Urban Bronze in SW Enamel paint. I ended up having to brush the paint on because the roller was leaving lint marks all over the door. I did not have this problem with the BM paint I used in the mudroom FYI. We left the door propped open to help the enamel dry, but eventually we had to shut the door.

The next morning, the front door was sealed shut! Apparently, I neglected to remove the weather stripping from around the door..oops! So take note, fellow DIYers if you are going to paint an exterior door, remove the weather stripping to allow for a slight gap.

To remedy the problem I first removed the weather stripping, then sanded down the rough areas and repainted.

I can not believe how one small change has altered the appearance of our home so dramatically. I am in love with the house all over again. And the little pop of Comfort Gray helps add some personalization to the house. If only my meds would kick in so I could actually be outside to enjoy the fruit of my labor.


  1. What a difference Amelia! LOVE it! That urbane bronze is beautiful!

  2. Looks great and like brand new door ;) A boxwood wreath will look nice on your door!
    See ya



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