Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Want it Wednesday {Dreamy Master Suites and Why Mine Is Not}

So with good reason, I have never posted a single shot of our master bedroom on this blog. It is a room that is least reflective of our decorating style. Even Hubby detests the room, which is saying a lot because my better half isn't one for design. Clearly, the serene retreat pictured below is not ours.


We have a very masculine, black Restoration Hardware bedroom set that I scored practically brand new at a garage sale for $200!!! Yes an entire set of 2 side tables, queen headboard & tall dresser all for $200. Deal of the century except for the fact that the style of furniture has worn on me after almost 7 years. Redeeming factor, it will go perfectly in the baby's big boy room once he's outgrown his crib, but I'm not rushing that.

So many times we have gone to do something about the room, but then I stop because I don't want to make the wrong choice. Our eventual goal is to rework much of the second floor and convert the unused attic over the garage into dressing or sleeping or bathing space. The overall game plan is still quite fuzzy.

Currently we have 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and anticipate that in the near future, it would be advantageous to carve out a 3rd bathroom for Belle. That would require us to rework our master bathroom separating it into two and relocating our master closet over the garage. We would also like to figure out a way to move the washer and dryer upstairs. Clear as mud? I thought so

We've simply settled for leaving the room as is because we don't want to expend resources (time or money) on things that maybe short lived. There is a good chance the dimensions and over overall shape of the room would change and present the opportunity to add things like wall sconces, vaulted ceilings, built ins or a fireplace.
Also, if we do decide to convert the attic space into a closet, that will mean our current 10'X7' walk-in will explode into a dressing room that is 20'x14'. And as a result, our master would not need to house a dresser or chest of drawers. It is quite likely that bedroom furniture that is ideal for the room today, would not be ideal after the renovation.

So for those reasons, we simply stick with what we've got. Although, I'm getting the serious itch to at least slap a coat of BM Dove White on the trim and add a few new accessories…..remember that whole focus problem. I'm not even a month into 2014 and I'm already breaking my resolution.

Anyone else have a less than dreamy master?  How are you dealing?


  1. Could you upgrade your sheets for the time being? It might not fix the problem but you could treat yourself and Hubby to some high thread count sheets. Monogrammed of course!

  2. We have dark furniture in our master (which I actually still really like even though it's not that current). I think the bedroom still has a fairly serene feel though. I think you can easily achieve a nicer/different look with paint and bed linens. I know how you feel though, not wanting to waste time working with stuff that you hate when you know long term the things you would do wouldn't work into the vision you have (aka the dream room!). I was that way for a long time about our living room so I simply did nothing. Sorry, that was probably no help at all!

  3. Our bedroom is the place we've avoided decorating or focusing on, right there with you. Why do all the other places have the glory? I won't even begin to discuss our bedroom set but its safe to say it would make you LOL like the lone strand of LED lights when you were looking at Christmas lights. Yes, that bad - or worse! I do have a pretty Garnet Hill comforter though - that counts for something????


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