Friday, January 17, 2014

Family Friday {Boats, Belle, & Baby No More}


Hubby & Peanut headed downtown for the day on a Father/ Son trip to the boat expo. I am pretty certain that this for Peanut was better than Christmas morning and his birthday combined!

After pouring through the shopping bag full of brochures and selecting his favorite two for his bedtime story, Peanut decided his heart belongs to the Tige wake boat.

He was adamant that his piggy bank contained sufficient funds and began counting said funds. Upon realization he was dramatically short, we've decided to start a boat savings fund.


I've had the opportunity twice in one week to spend one on one time with my favorite almost 8 year old  and it has been such a joy (sadly one of the negatives of 3 kiddos is the rare opportunity to spend alone time). Recently she has shown a growing interest in drawing and doesn't mind teaching me how to draw various critters & cuties.

Today was an early dismissal so Belle and I shared lunch together before finally managing to successfully master the starburst rainbow loom. I wish I could bottle up these days.

Baby No More

Yep that is the big boy on the potty. Four out of five days this week he has announced his need to go #2 before he has a dirty diaper (sorry if it is TMI for those of you sans littles, but in our world this is MAJOR). Looks like potty training is just around the corner. Dare I predict a diaper free summer?!?

And just to solidify the fact that he is into the realm of all things big boy, here are a few of my favorite action shots from the past week.

And with that we are ready to start the long weekend with 4-5 inches of snow! Guess I've got no excuse not to make a solid dent in the basement.


  1. Love him on the potty. I've done nothing house wise. Maybe in February :-)

  2. Oh they are just so cute! Love the potty pose! Are you guys really getting that much snow this weekend? We have a light dusting here in NJ but I wonder if we are going to get more?! Enjoy your weekend and those little cuties!

  3. Love looking at your pictures, they bring me back to the days when my kids were smaller. We are a boating family. It is such a great family activity and boat shows are always fun!

  4. Such fun days my friend! I couldn't agree more - we need to bottle them up! I am in constant sponge mode! Your kids are beautiful, smart and artistic. It's quite special
    When they begin to develop their own interests! Oh and the little one on the potty? Adorable and well done!


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