Friday, January 10, 2014

Family Friday {Glasses, Name Day, & Frozen}

Big news around here Peanut has glasses! Turns out he has a double astigmatism. As the doctor put it, "rather than circles, his eyes are shaped like footballs." I've tried hard not dwell too much on the fact that my sweet boy has never been able to see clearly nor beat myself up over the fact that we didn't pick up on it until now.

I shed a few tears of loss (he now looks 12), guilt (what kind of mother am I), & heartache ("Mommy is that baby in the picture me? I never knew it was.") but now I can't imagine him not having them.  We've even started to refer to Peanut as our lil JCrew model. 

This week we enjoyed 2 extra winter break snow days thanks to the bitter cold. It was heaven having everyone home. With the craziness of the holidays occupying most of winter break, we hadn't the opportunity to really slow down and veg. So we snuggled up together and passed the time playing board games and eating homemade soups & sammies.

Ham soup w/ turkey, brie & apple panini

We also marked Peanut's Name Day with a low key celebration at home.

Hubby & I had a good laugh over Peanut's name day requests of a clubhouse space in the basement like sis' and dinner by candle light. You gotta teach 'em young folks.

We are slowly easing back into our regular routine and thankfully we don't have many obligations on the calendar for the weekend. Hubby & I plan to log in some major hours in the basement. I should have some solid progress to report on Monday.


  1. Aw, he looks absolutely adorable in those glasses. Don't beat yourself up mama. There are so many reasons we put guilt on ourselves but in the end, your little guy looks super happy and loved. And that is what matters. Happy weekend!

  2. Peanut looks so cute - love those glasses! Looks like a great way to spend an extra long Christmas vacation - we had an extra two days as well - fun, fun! Have a great weekend my friend! And, I agree with Heather - no use being hard on yourself - you are an amazing Mama!

  3. Xronia Polla to Peanut. He looks adorable in his glasses!! Do not be so hard on yourself! I told my mom for six months I needed glasses, but she didn't believe me. I was doing poorly in French (the teacher put all tests on th board) and since we spoke it at home she was none too thrilled. Thought I was using it as an excuse.....until she took me to get my driving permit and I failed the eye exam ;). Have a great weekend!


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